PUAWER006B – Lead an Emergency Control Organisation (Chief Warden Training)

Having a trained Chief Warden is vital to the coordination of your business; by nature a leader inspires action, shutterstock_89092465and by ensuring a rapid response to an emergency situation, the risk of injury or death in your workplace will most certainly be avoidable.

Our Chief Warden Training is fully compliant with AS 3745, and covers the following topics that are delivered on site:

PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation


Elements (These define the essential outcomes) 

  1. Prepare for workplace emergencies
  2. Apply, command, control and coordinate aspects of workplace emergency procedures
  3. Control the response to emergency reports, signals and warnings
  4. Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response
  5. Conclude incident


Performance Criteria (This specifies the level of performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element)


1.1 Possible emergency situations in the workplace are identified.

1.2 Information on possible development and characteristics of typical emergency situations is gathered, assessed, analysed and applied according to workplace emergency plan.

1.3  Emergency actions for typical workplace emergency situations and emergency developments are identified according to the workplace emergency plan.


2.1 Initial emergency response is initiated according to workplace emergency procedures.

2.2 Initial emergency response is subsequently controlled and coordinated according to incident type and workplace emergency procedures.

2.3 Suitable arrangements are made for the safety of people.

2.4 Welfare of evacuated people is arranged according to workplace emergency procedures.

2.5 Emergency response priority activities are completed before post initial response activities.

2.6 Assets are secured where safe to do so.

2.7 Post initial response activities are assessed and initiated in consultation with emergency services.

2.8  Initial recovery activities are coordinated according to the workplace emergency management plan.


3.1 Emergency reports, signals and warnings are correctly identified or initiated.

3.2 Action is taken to ensure emergency stations are attended and operated according to workplace emergency procedures and relevant standards.

3.3 Emergency situations are assessed and appropriate action is taken according to workplace emergency procedures.

3.4  Emergency response actions are controlled according to workplace emergency procedures.


4.1 Reports of areas affected by the incident are received or sought.

4.2 Accounting for evacuated people is coordinated according to workplace emergency procedures.

4.3  Results and reports of the initial emergency response are analysed according to workplace emergency procedures.


5.1 Action is taken to ensure ‘all clear’ is advised to appropriate people.

5.2 Required information for debriefing is provided in a timely manner.

5.3 Critical incident stress management is organised as appropriate.

5.4  Reporting is undertaken in accordance with workplace procedures.


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Information above provided by https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/PUAWER006B