CPPFES2005A Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment

Our First Attack Fire Equipment Training is targeted towards all staff with a strong focus on the safe suppression of a fire using portable fire equipment including fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire blankets. 


This course can be delivered on your site  as an accredited course or a non accredited course.

Delivery of an accredited course is also available at our training facility in Wangara should you only have a small number of employees requiring training


Performance Criteria (This specifies the level of performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element)

1.1 Fire type and classification are determined.

1.2 Fire extinguishers are selected to attack different fires.

1.3 Safe use of fire extinguishers is demonstrated according to    manufacturers’ instructions and relevant OHS and workplace policies and procedures.

2.1 Safe use of hose reels is demonstrated according to manufacturers’ instructions and relevant OHS andworkplace policies and procedures.

2.2 Water is turned off in the approved sequence and hose reel is checked for leaks.

2.3 Hose reel is rewound correctly after use.

3.1 Safe use of fire blankets is demonstrated according tomanufacturers’ instructions and relevant OHS andworkplace policies and procedures.




Participants are to ensure they are wearing enclosed shoes and have on long pants. No flowing items such as scarfs etc. 


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Information above provided by: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/CPP07/CPPFES2005A_R1.pdf