Emergency Response Team Training

Due to the nature or location of certain industries, your workplace might already have its own team of highly skilled personnel who are trained to respond to different emergencies on an evolving basis. These individuals reiterate the call to action for a safe working environment for all, and each hold formal qualifications in their relevant discipline or field. However, the effectiveness of these skills are vital to their successes, and must be regularly developed and maintained with formal education. Critical Fire Protection & Training offers courses and training packages to sharpen existing skills, as well as scenario-based exercises that ultimately aim to strengthen and sustain these skills in your own workplace.

This type of training can be completed in the following subjects:

  • Fire Fighting (including structural, mobile plant & bush fires),
  • Road Crash Rescue and Vehicle Extrication,
  • Rescue from Heights and Depths,
  • Confined Space Rescue,
  • Hazardous Materials,
  • First Aid, CPR and Mass Casualty,
  • Breathing Apparatus.

Our Specialist Emergency Response trainer proudly contributes over 15 years of fire rescue service experience, in addition to many years of training and advising mine rescue personnel.

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