Bomb Threat Training

A bomb threat is usually designed to induce or intensify fear within a building or workplace environment, with the aim of disrupting business activities and creating chaos among its occupants. Our Bomb Threat Training is fully compliant with AS 3745, and helps to prepare your trained Warden Team to act quickly and confidently whilst ensuring the crime scene is preserved, and everyone in the building is safe.

This course covers the following topics and is delivered on site:

  • Purpose of Threats and Methods of delivery,
  • Responding to Telephone Bomb Threats,
  • Analysis and Response to threats,
  • Evacuation Strategies,
  • Other types of Threats,
  • Prevention practices.

The training is limited to 1.5 hours to minimise disruption to business activities. Critical Fire Protection & Training recommends up to 30 participants to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

To book a training session please complete and return our booking form. For further information please contact us.


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