Emergency Procedures

The ability of key personnel knowing how to respond to emergency situations is absolutely vital in ensuring a quick and safe response.

Emergency procedures can take a number of forms, including:

Emergency Response Procedures

The ability to act and give a rapid response in the instance of an emergency is absolutely vital to ensure the safety and security your employees, customers, and contractors. Our Emergency Response Procedures outline the steps needing to be taken should...

Evacuation Diagrams

Our Evacuation Diagrams are a stylish yet informative way of complying with Occupational Safety and Health requirements. Our diagrams are fully compliant with the requirements of AS 3745 and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations. The plans include: Diagram...

Emergency Management Manuals

Expanding upon the Emergency Response Procedures are our Emergency Management Manuals, which are more suitable for long-term operations such as multiple agency response, or media involvement. Critical Fire Protection & Training provide these Emergency...

Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plans are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes for your business or site to return to work following the event of an emergency. These plans are tailored to your workplace and designed to consider the following: What effects...

Specialist Consultancy

Our Specialist Consultancy Services are readily available to those businesses that might require a more detailed and specialist approach. Some of the areas in which Critical Fire Protection & Training has previously assisted include: Preparation...


In addition to Emergency Procedures Critical Fire Protection & Training can offer a range of Specialist Consultancy Services including:

  • Preparation of Tender Specifications for maintenance and training tenders
  • Conduct formalised reviews of current maintenance and training providers
  • Management of Emergency Planning Committees including acting as a committee secretary and provision of technical advice
  • Desktop Emergency Exercises

For further information on our Specialist Consultancy Services please contact us.