Bushfire Safety Audit

Regarding the severity of bushfires in our state and around the nation, our Bushfire Safety Audit is an essential tool to help prepare and protect your workplace, should this threat become a reality. Throughout Australia, bushfires claim hundreds of lives and millions of dollars worth of damage to properties and businesses, in both rural and urban areas.

This Audit is carried out by a qualified Fire Safety Engineer with over 13 years of experience in the rapid response to, and management of bushfires. It provides:

  • A comprehensive maintenance review of all records, logbooks, and visual inspections
  • A thorough inspection of the building site, including those areas commonly un-occupied
  • It covers 12 different sections, including:
    • Egress Paths,
    • Fire Fighting Capabilities,
    • Fixed Fire Fighting Systems,
    • Vegetation Management,
    • Fuel Load Management and Removal,
    • Materials Used on Construction,
    • Strategic Asset Protection Zones,
    • Fire Extinguishers,
    • Smoke Detectors,
    • Housekeeping,
    • Electrical Safety