Exit & Egress Audit

An Exit & Egress Audit is another effective tool in determining a building’s level of compliance, while simultaneously ensuring that should the need arise, all occupants would be able to evacuate swiftly and safely. This type of audit is particularly useful for workplaces that have experienced on-going issues with blocked or obstructed exits and pathways, as well as significant housekeeping issues such as a build up of combustibles in critical locations.

Similar to our Fire Safety Audit, the Exit & Egress Audit also comprises a comprehensive review of maintenance records and logbooks, as well as a thorough visual inspection.

The sections it covers however, are more pertinent to exit and egress strategies, such as:

  • A Safe Means of Escape
  • Terminal Exit Doors
  • Exit Pathways
  • Exit Signs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Housekeeping
  • Hazardous Materials