Fire Safety Audit – Comprehensive

Not just an excellent tool for determining the level of compliance that a building has, a comprehensive Fire Safety Audit also ensures that all equipment is maintained to the highest standard. This type of audit includes far-reaching physical testing, in the following areas:

  • A comparative review of all maintenance records, which include visual inspection, logbooks, and a review of record tags
  • A comprehensive inspection of the entire building or site, including those areas which are normally unoccupied, such as ceiling voids, floor spaces, and riser cupboards among others
  • It covers 16 different sections, counting
    • Egress and Exit Signs,
    • Emergency Lighting,
    • Fire and Smoke Compartmentation,
    • Fire Extinguishers,
    • Fire Hose Reels, Blankets and Hydrants,
    • Smoke Detection,
    • Occupant Warning Systems,
    • Emergency Power Systems,
    • Emergency Planning, and Staff Training,
    • Housekeeping,
    • Electrical Safety, and
    • Hazardous Materials
  • Physical testing of all fire-related devices, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting