Fire Safety Audit – Overview

At its simplest, a Fire Safety Audit Overview is an effective tool to determine your building’s level of compliance, whilst also ensuring all equipment is being maintained to a high standard. This audit is completed to AS 4685 –Level 2, and contains the following reviews:

  • A desktop review of all maintenance records, including log books, visual inspections, and review of maintenance record tags
  • A full inspection of the entire building and site, including those areas that are usually un-occupied
  • A detailed report including identification of any issues and supporting recommendations
  • Comprehensive photos highlighting those areas which require attention

The audit also covers 16 different sections, including Egress, Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting, Fire Compartmentation, Smoke Compartmentation, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Blankets, Fire Hydrants, Smoke Detection, Occupant Warning Systems, Emergency Power Systems, Emergency Planning / Staff Training, Housekeeping, Electrical Safety and Hazardous Materials.

All of our Fire Safety Audit Overviews are undertaken by a qualified Fire Safety Engineer, and are completed in accordance with Australian Standards and National Construction Code.

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