Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plans are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes for your business or site to return to work following the event of an emergency. These plans are tailored to your workplace and designed to consider the following:

  • What effects an emergency can have on a business?
  • How these effects can be minimised?
  • What mitigation strategies can be put in place prior to an emergency happening?
  • What procedures are required should something happen?
  • What resources are required and how they are obtained?
  • The training of key personnel in Business Continuity Procedures,
  • The implementation of systems,
  • The testing and maintenance of systems and personnel.

Every business would certainly benefit from a Business Continuity Plan of some kind; these could be relatively simple, or perhaps a more extensive plan that requires regular testing and maintenance.

To find out which plan would best suit you and your workplace needs, please contact us for further information or to obtain a quote.