Emergency Response Procedures

The ability to act and give a rapid response in the instance of an emergency is absolutely vital to ensure the safety and security your employees, customers, and contractors. Our Emergency Response Procedures outline the steps needing to be taken should an emergency ensue:

  • Fire and/or Smoke,
  • Bomb or Substance Threats,
  • Armed Confrontation,
  • Civil Disorder & Illegal Occupancy.

​As well as this, based on detailed risk identification for your workplace, our procedures may also include the following steps for:

  • Bushfires,
  • Cyclones & Storms,
  • Aviation Emergencies,
  • Biological and Radiological Emergencies,
  • Hazardous Materials ,
  • Road Traffic Accidents.

Our procedure manuals include floor and evacuation diagrams whilst they can be supplied in as many copies as required. For further information or a quote please contact us.